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Why do I need an Exceptional 340B Administrator? ✔️

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Increased Savings - Program Compliance - Providing Care to Your Community
The 340B Program is a strong program and one that is difficult to navigate and fully understand alone, or WORSE, with a partner that doesn’t meet or understand the individual needs of your organization.

340Basics software is not only accurate; it’s incredibly quick, efficient, and dedicated solely to 340B processing. It is user friendly and was developed with the oversight of a former CFO of a covered entity. This focus led to a software package with improved processing capabilities assuring full compliance, higher claim capture, and includes the creation of the federally required auditable records.

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If your looking for your first 340B vendor or considering a change, ask yourself if any of the below is important, then CONTACT US!

  • Transparency and Access to All Transactions, Claims & Reports 
  • Responsive Customer Support 
  • Exceeding HRSA OPA Compliance 
  • Real-time Data Sync (not Shadow Data) 
  • Higher Claim Capture 
  • Auto Inventory Replenishment 
  • Detailed and Quick Implementation 
  • No Hidden Fees! 

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