How We Built the Most Advanced Split-Billing Tool – Invictis

340Basics has been present in the 340B space for 5 years. With an impressive offering of existing products and services utilizing innovative technology, our objective is to transcend and eclipse the existing hospital software products.

This cannot be done without building a product completely with the end user in mind. For over 2 years, 340Basics conducted an intensive research group with leading hospitals possessing years of experience working with split-billing products, and who maintain a vast knowledge of the 340B program.

Identifying and recruiting the right participants, while developing and asking the right questions, ensured the information learned would be facilitated and implemented in the development process. None of the focus group members were clients. It was imperative to our research that the group would remain unbiased and offer honest feedback, uncovering issues and identifying unmet needs was a core component of our investigation.

It was important that 340Basics reconciled the guidance offered and actualized what was learned from our research. Though the research could appear to cause delay in releasing Invictis, the exact opposite is true. A superior product was created as a result of it, being developed to fit the needs of the target market – eligible hospitals enrolled in the 340B program.

The outcome is a pharmacy and split-billing product that is built around the demands of 340B program users. 340Basics’ understood the technology and compliance needs and soon realized that existing products in the industry only fulfilled some of the crucial elements – Invictis provides them all. The combination of our intuitive drug inventory system and split-billing software ensures that administering the 340B program in a hospital setting remains compliant, is uncomplicated and furnishes improved management of 340B programs.

System Features:
• System integration ensuring the most accurate data
• Location and service area level configuration
• Provider specific eligibility determination
• Custom visit proximity windows
• Fully automated referral program with optional close-the-loop service
• Dedicated Account Management reviewing program performance and savings

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