Recent Drug Manufacturer Notices & 340B Program Updates

Recent Drug Manufacturer Notices & 340B Program Updates

Understandably, there is much discussion and concern that has risen from the recent notices from Merck, Eli Lilly and Sanofi. These three drug manufacturers are challenging 340B drug discounts on their products dispensed by covered entities and contract pharmacies.

While Merck and Sanofi has required the claim data, Eli Lilly has gone as far as to cease distributing 340B discounts on three formulations of its drug Cialis.

If covered entities fail to submit this claim data to Merck, Eli Lilly, and Sanofi, the entity will no longer be able to place orders or request replenishment for these products dispensed through a contract pharmacy.

Sanofi stated that the reason as to why this data is being requested, is “to identify and resolve duplicate Medicaid and commercial rebates.” These requests followed soon after President Trump unveiled his plan to cap insulin costs, requiring FQHC’s to make injectable epinephrine and insulin available at 340B cost.

HRSA and many members of the 340B Coalition are taking these manufacturer notices seriously. In a letter to the U.S Health and Human Services Department on July 16th, the 340B Coalition said “It is in the public interest that the Administration act swiftly and firmly to stop these actions,”.

For more in-depth information, please watch a recording of our Educational Webinar regarding the recent drug manufacturer notices. 340Basics, joined by Bill Von Oehsen and Peggy Tighe of Powers Law firm, discuss these notices in-depth as well as current 340B Program updates. 

Our goal is to not only provide cutting-edge 340B technology, but to also provide knowledge to those that are enrolled in the 340B program. If you have questions or concerns regarding these impending notices, please contact our team of 340B Experts.