Health Center Success During COVID-19

Health Center Success During COVID-19 and the Importance of a Strong Partner

Roanoke Chowan Community Health Center Inc., (RCCHC) is an FQHC located in north eastern North Carolina whose mission is crucial and at the core of their organization. RCCHC strongly believes that all people should have ready access to a full range of quality primary, preventive, and supplemental medical health care services, including pediatrics, dental care, mental health care and substance abuse services, regardless of ability to pay.


RCCHC, as with many health centers, experienced unexpected hurdles in early 2020 when Covid-19 began to swiftly spread. This brought new challenges in maintaining and providing much needed care for patients, implementing new procedures, as well as sustaining their practice and staff.

As the pandemic expanded, many Covered Entities began witnessing the negative revenue affects. This compelled entities to face the possibility of laying off staff, drastically reducing office hours or even closing their doors.

RCCHC is one of many CE’s that rely on the 340B program, and it became even more evident during this unprecedented time. Utilizing 340B revenue is an integral part of the ability to continue providing medical care and services to the under-and underinsured members of the community. 


The 340B program is difficult to manage and maintain without utilizing the services and solutions of a Third-Party Administrator, and even worse with one that is not a true partner. Providing program transparency and compliance along with powerful solutions is at the forefront of what 340Basics delivers.

Our goal is to provide unmatched client service and support, along with our cutting-edge technology, thus alleviating the burden for Covered Entities. Unfortunately, RCCHC experienced first-hand what not partnering with a strong ally can mean for an organization. 

340Basics continually provides reliable service, accurate reporting and performance management, while striving to exceed client exceptions. “If any FQHC is thinking about starting or growing their 340B program I would highly recommend they begin with a call to the 340Basics team. 340Basics overall knowledge and technology platform will easily propel your program to be a significant and diversified portion of your overall revenue system.”