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Advanced Referral Program

As a leader in 340B healthcare technology, 340Basics consistently strives to evolve, offering the most advanced and dynamic software solutions in the industry. Zentro, 340Basics’ Advanced Referral Program, marries our innovative technology and our exceptional service, bringing you a product that will close the loop on referrals, increase revenue, and keep you compliant.

Designated Referral Coordinator

Zentro is an end-to-end referral program designed to increase capture claims. The Covered Entity will be provided with a Designated Referral Coordinator, dedicated to defining and administering the 340B referral program. Together, the Covered Entity will work with their Referral Coordinator to define what referral claims are eligible to work with their specific Policies and Procedures.

Our Referral Coordinators are then 100% responsible for obtaining the appropriate documentation necessary to close the referral loop. In addition, they will uncover any missed opportunities and ensure that their documentation is better upfront to maximize this program while remaining compliant.

SMART Technology

Zentro uses SMART Technology which identifies all potential and eligible 340B referral claims. Our goal is to focus on truly eligible referrals. Zento’s sophisticated algorithms will mine all of the Covered Entities claims data to determine every potential eligible 340B referral.

This technology takes all of the switch data available, along with the Policies and Procedures that is configured both at the Covered Entity and Pharmacy level, to deliver a referral program completely specific and customized to each organization.Data collection and record-keeping is a priority. All documentation and files are uploaded and stored in the referral portal for every claim we capture.

What is a 340B referral?

340B referral regulations state that if a prescription is written for your patient by a provider with whom you have a relationship, those prescriptions are 340B eligible.

What constitutes as a referral for your organization will be determined specifically by your organization with the help of your Referral Coordinator. Together, you will answer questions such as:

“What kind of documentation do I need?”

“How often must I see these patients?”

“Do I need an outbound referral?”

“Do I need care notes?”

Your referral coordinator will work with you to answer these questions as part of the compliance aspect of Zentro.

Monthly Audits

Compliance is a critical aspect of a referral program. As part of our service, the Covered Entity will receive a monthly external audit to ensure that their program remains in compliance with the Covered Entities specific Policies and Procedures. Similar to a HRSA Audit, 340Basics’ audit division will audit the referral program on a monthly basis.

See Significant Savings for your Organization

We have found that, together with these three pieces in place, Zentro is able to deliver significant additional savings to our Covered Entities by closing the loop on the referral process to increase claim capture and lessen staff hours.


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