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Vol. 2 – July 2019

Celebrate America & Those That Serve Our Communities

The 340Basics Newsletter. We’ve got the cure for all things 340B! 

The entire team here at 340Basics wishes all of our clients a very happy and safe Fourth of July and we thank you for all you do. 

This holiday allows us the time to reflect on the pride we feel as Americans, for our Country and our freedoms. 340Basics is proud to partner with organizations like yours that affords the freedom of health care to people that may not otherwise have a place to turn when in need of medical assistance. Your efforts and dedication, whether caring for the sick, volunteering in your community or lobbying for accessible medical care to state officials, it is what this country is about.

340Basics plays a small roll in your pursuit of this, but, it’s one that we are proud of. We thank you for allowing us to do so. Happy Fourth of July, we are celebrating many freedoms – but we are also celebrating you.

If you have any suggestions for topics, questions on this editions content or just want to say hi, please email

340B Industry News

5 Ways 340B and Medicaid are Alike!
A great article recently written by Maureen Testoni, CEO of 340B Health, puts the spotlight on how these programs are similar, how they can work together and why they are both imperative.  

Links Between Programs:
  1. Designed to serve the health care needs of low incomes families;
  2. Require drug manufacturers to offer discounts/rebates to help pay for care;
  3. Involve identical discounts and an “inflationary penalty” on manufacturers who raise their prices faster than inflation;
  4. Supports access to care in rural parts of the country; and:
  5. Enacted with bipartisan support
“Medicaid and 340B work together as pillars that help buttress access to care. It’s clear that weakening either of them would have substantially negative effects on the patients who need that care.”

Read Full Article Here

340Basics News

Listening to your pharmacies needs!
In late May, 340Basics deployed a survey to obtain feedback from your pharmacies on a variety of topics. We received responses from many pharmacies, several of them expressing a desire for more training on the 340Basics platform.

In response, we quickly extended each pharmacy an invitation to a live group training webinar that also included an open Q&A portion. They were also advised of additional educational tools in production they would have access to in the coming weeks. 

The objective of these surveys is to educate ourselves on how we can ensure your 340B program experience is a positive one.

We will send out a similar survey to all our clients in the very near future. We hope you will have the opportunity to take a couple minutes to provide us with your honest feedback. 

Look for your survey soon! 


If you’re heading to the conference’s below make sure you stop by and say hi!

340B Summer Coalition
July 15-17
Washington, DC

July 21-24
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

July 30 – Aug. 2
Biloxi, MS

Aug 4-5
Grand Rapids, MI

Aug 18-20
Chicago, IL


Are you heading to the 340B Summer Coalition? 

Please join us at our private event.

You can RSVP for our upcoming event in Washington, DC right here! If you’ve never been to one of our events, you’re surely missing out. 

This year, we will have amazing drinks, exotic food, a 6-piece band with plenty of room for dancing and an acoustic musician out on the patio. 


340B Stress

We get it, it’s stressful. Some ideas below to help relieve that 340B Stress!

Below is a top ten list we feel can help kick those 340B blues, pay extra special attention to #10, its a sure thing! 
  1. Laugh Often
  2. Express Yourself  
  3. Play Upbeat music
  4. Treat yourself
  5. Get some fresh air
  6. Drink Hot Tea (or wine)
  7. Avoid the gadgets
  8. Exercise
  9. Read a book
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