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Client Newsletter Vol. 7


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Vol. 7 – June 2020

Just a friendly reminder, we are here for you!

As President and Founder of 340Basics, I would like to take a moment and thank you for your continued partnership through these recent difficult times. Your business is very greatly appreciated and one of our central goals is to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Feedback is extremely important; it enables us to have clear visibility in the areas we are excelling and those that we may improve upon.

Listening and utilizing this feedback from clients allows us to improve. After receiving feedback regarding our system reporting, we promptly took action, and are currently in development of an improved tool. This powerful enhancement will provide deeper insight, dashboards containing accurate data, and an advanced ease of use.

Do you have feedback that you would like to share? Whether it be on areas we excel in or suggested improvements, my hope is that you will share your thoughts with us so that we continue to provide excellent services and solutions.

I thank you again for your partnership with 340Basics, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Colleen DiClaudio
President and Founder 

340B Industry News

Registration begins July 1st

OPAIS Registration is right around the corner! The registration period runs from July 1st through July 15th  to register sites and contract pharmacies for participation in the 340B Program starting October 1st.

If you were unable to attend our registration webinar, look for your email coming soon with access to the recording and presentation. 

340Basics News

New tool in development

As mentioned above, we’re currently in development of a powerful new reporting tool. This cutting-edge enhancement will improve your ability to dive deeper into your 340B program with speed and ease.

More info coming soon! Contact your Account Manager to learn more.


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