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Client Newsletter Volume 8


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Vol. 8 – November 2020

Thankful for our Clients! (and new software enhancements!)

Happy Thanksgiving! This has been an especially challenging year, with many issues directly affecting Covered Entities and the 340B Program. We are thankful for our continued partnership and grateful for the care you provide your communities.
We are very excited to release the following valuable improvements & additions to our 340B Management software. Please read below and learn more, these are set to launch in the coming weeks.

NEW Client Dashboard 
340Basics is deploying a newly enhanced dashboard, giving clients a much improved overview of their 340B Program. We have added features that enable clients to quickly and easily drill into data.
  • Ability to view trends by claim type for dates selected in an interactive bar graph 
  • Claim type trends graph displays the proportion of Third-Party, Managed Medicaid, Uninsured, and Referral Program claims, if applicable
  • Net Savings module includes Cost of Goods tab with a category breakdown

NEW Program Performance Summary

Access to an accurate synopsis of your 340B program is extremely important, as well as the ability to save and work with that data. 340Basics has developed a report that contains data that is presented on your dashboard. 

  • Report includes Total Cost of Goods with a detailed breakdown 
  • Provides Net Savings by pharmacy detail
  • A clearer overview of data and captured claims by type

UDS Report Enhancement
After listening to our client’s feedback, we have drastically improved our UDS report. These enhancements will contain new data and mimic the specific areas on the actual UDS report that pertain to the 340B Program. A few highlights below.

  • Ability to run and export monthly or yearly
  • Account for 340B costs integrated and related to 340Basics. i.e. Gateway, Switch, Referral fees, to be included in “Pharmacy not including pharmaceuticals”

NEW Manufacturer Claim Report 

In response to requirements set by manufacturers, 340Basics has developed a report to be uploaded directly to the 340B ESP site. If you have registered, this report will be available to your organization
  • Data for only required 340 ESP data fields, no additional data included
  • Provided claim data will look back to September 1, 2020
  • Ability to run report on one or many manufacturers

NEW Reporting Tool

340Basics is releasing a powerful tool that enables Covered Entities to better monitor the performance of their 340B program, providing a deeper insight allowing clients to dissect and analyze trends.

Forging a strategic alliance with Microsoft has allowed us to develop an extraordinary, in-depth, reporting engine utilizing Azure BI that will transcend any other solution in the market today. 

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