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We know and understand the difficulties that not having a clear and concise view of your 340B program can negatively affect your organization. Having convenient access to data insights and trends, is essential for making confident and impactful decisions. Syntivo is a powerful tool to assist in mastering your 340B program. Our integrated platform allows you to investigate with actionable data provided from multiple data points. 

Although this may sound like just another reporting tool, Syntivo is so much more. This solution takes invaluable data, from multiple sources & reports and presents it in ways that elevate your understanding of where your program needs to improve which in turn will increase your program’s value.

What does Syntivo Offer?

To accurately analyze data, Syntivo provides a centralized place, built into our contract pharmacy tool to view and evaluate your information. Below are just a few of the benefits that Syntivo offers to help you improve your 340B program:

  • Increased VisibilityThe 340B program comes with an enormous amount of data to dive into and sort. Syntivo has this data for you to view easily and readily for convenience. Having data to view easily can help produce better informed program decisions. 

  • Multi-Dimensional – When analyzing data there are many points to look at. Combining this information into one chart or graph is extremely beneficial for looking at your program at all levels. 

  • Solves Problems and Forecast Quickly – Looking at data can be sometimes tricky or messy. Having it clearly presented for you to proactively see issues or hurdles in your program is crucial for a productive 340B program. Syntivo helps with providing you a quick view to see any problems, to swiftly act on this information. 

  • Ease and Speed – Time is valuable. We’ve all heard it. This intelligent tool can run, export, and analyze reports, saving your team vast amounts of time. In addition, this tool has memory filters and widgets that correlate and move as you do from dashboards.

We want your organization to make the most of your 340B program, because we intimately understand that the health of the community you serve will succeed.

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