Shining a Spotlight on Women at 340Basics

Women at 340Basics

In honor of Women’s History Month, 340Basics would like to shine a spotlight on the dedicated women that are a part of our organization. 340Basics is an incredibly diverse company and proud that women hold several management roles, many of whom have been with us for more than five years. We consistently aim to empower our employees providing the tools to hire great talent, retain and promote regardless of gender, but we couldn’t let this month go by without spreading the word of a few of our female leaders.  

Not only is 340Basics’ Founder & President a woman, Colleen DiClaudio; Colleen employs and promotes many vice presidents, directors and finance positions that keep our company afloat that are successfully held by strong female industry leaders.

340Basics has had the privilege of retaining female professionals who’ve held positions of leadership at related organizations, that bring relevant and useful knowledge in compliance, 340B management, pharmacy analysis and program operations that continually aides in furthering our products and services. On the flip side, other female leaders that didn’t come from the 340B industry, bringing valuable knowledge from previous careers in information technology, finance and accounting and sales and marketing that give us an edge, adding well-rounded insight and expanded perspectives.

A Word from Just a Few of Our Strong Woman Colleagues

"340Basics has afforded me the room and support to test my abilities in a multitude of arenas outside of my day to day including design, operations, sales, accounting, and leadership. Without the encouragement from the top, I wouldn’t have been able to explore my interest and grow as an employee." – Colleen Rutledge, VP of Client Experience

“Coming into a new industry blind, as part of a career path change, can be seen as taking a big risk! However, 340Basics put my fears to rest mainly because of the company culture of innovation and being an impact in healthcare. The company supports and challenges you to be your best while having fun doing it. I believe I made the right choice!” Nadine Juste, Senior Director of Assent Services

“I have worked for 340Basics for nearly 3 years and can truly say this organization, compared to my previous employers, has appreciated women leadership and empowered us through mentorship, brought a supportive culture to manage our careers, and more importantly, gave us a voice. They have nudged me out of my comfort zone, leading me to advance and be open to new opportunities. Furthermore, 340Basics has hired women with diverse backgrounds and perspectives, including myself. I feel diversity ignites creativity, encourages collaboration and will be relevant to the future of the organization.” – Jigna Shah, Director of Consulting Services

“In my experience, it is crucial for women to speak up and to advocate for themselves for career advancement since it is typical that men have more promotion opportunities than women. However, at 340Basics, the women leaders outnumber the men! The culture here creates a supportive environment for women that allows them to “lean in” to their ambitions.”Regina Whittaker, FP&A Director

“I came to 340Basics because the company is full of passionate people that truly care about our clients. We are led by a strong woman that empowers others to do their best and be their best. I have personally been provided many opportunities here to grow as a leader and thoroughly enjoy coming to work every day!”Carrie Galvan, Director of Client Analytics

"I consider myself lucky to be on this incredible journey with 340Basics for well over 5 years. It is both humbling and empowering to be part of a company that appreciates that hard work and dedication has furthered my career as well as the contribution to an ever-growing company. 340Basics truly believes in its employees, regardless of gender, but in the scope of Women’s History Month, I can’t help but stand back and be incredibly proud to see so many intelligent and strong women at the helm, holding such prominent positions – I am proud to call them colleagues, mentors and friends. I look forward to many more years of success.” – Melanie Gaffney, Director of Marketing and Communications


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