340Basics: Why Choose Our Superior 340B Software?

Choosing a third-party administrator for your 340B Program doesn’t have to be difficult. 340Basics’ extensive experience in healthcare technology and the 340B Program enables us to provide clients with the most advanced solutions in the industry. Why settle for providers who offer insufficient services?

Here’s why we are the preferred 340B industry partner:

1. Portico, our 340B contract pharmacy solution, captures an average 40% more claims than other solutions. This amount of increased claim capture will lead to significantly increased revenue for your business, while also gaining the benefit of maintained compliance.

2. We make complex contract pharmacy program management easy and compliant through eligibility verification, complete transparency and exceptional security. You’ll never have to wonder if your 340B Program is in good hands.

3. With the inclusion of Zentro, our Advanced Referral Program, your Covered Entity will witness an average additional savings of $400 for each 340B eligible claim captured. Our technology logic has the highest proven rate of identifying eligible claims and ensures only claims meeting proper requirements are captured when set with your individual Referral Policies.

4. We offer the most advanced and effective 340B hospital contract pharmacy and split-billing software solution on the market through Invictis. This powerful solution gives hospitals real-time access to financial and operational information to review and analyze data, allowing for more informed decision-making and better outcomes.

5. Syntivo, our industry-leading analytic reporting software, takes enormous amounts of valuable data and provides users a clearer and simpler view, leading to the discovery of new insights and better-informed program decisions. Reviewing potential growth opportunities and determining reasons for fallout will take your 340B Program to the next level.

6. Increased savings, trustworthy customer service, noteworthy reporting and 100 percent transparency are at the forefront of our minds when it comes to 340B Program management. You shouldn’t have to settle for anything less.

7. We believe customer support is integral to a healthy 340B Program, not just superior software. As a 340Basics client, you have dedicated access to a team of 340B experts who ensure your needs are continually met.

8. None of our competitors have dedicated pharmacy support to answer your questions and concerns like we do. Clients have the option to take advantage of our 24/7 Support Ticketing System and dedicated customer service.

9. 340Basics knows preparing and submitting your annual UDS report is often a struggle. We’ve identified the common hurdles organizations face when completing annual 340B UDS reporting and created our own UDS Reporting Tool with modernized features to make the user experience as seamless as possible.

10. You should expect that your TPA will take the highest level of measures and protocols to protect private patient information. At 340Basics, we are SOC 2 certified and we take data integrity seriously by adhering to policies and procedures, encrypting necessary data and using anti-virus and intrusion detection software.

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