What Is Your TPA Doing To Help You?

As third-party administrators, our job is to pursue a hands-on approach with clients, working as a partner to guide and assist. At 340Basics, we aim to support you in your decisions regarding manufacturer restrictions. We realize how much these restrictions have impacted client savings which affects the ability to help those who need it most, and our goal is to help covered entities make educated and effective decisions when figuring out their next steps. Here’s how our team steps up to the plate during this process:

1.    Helping clients with ESP data submission

Manufacturers have made requirements tough and almost unattainable to access 340B pricing at contract pharmacies. We provide access to a report in our portal that gives applicable claim details in a format that meets ESP reporting criteria. Users can select specific manufacturers and pharmacies for which they would like to submit data – it’s not all or nothing! We also walk you through the data submission process in real time when submitting your first file if desired. Our goal is to make this arduous process as quick and painless as possible for you!

3.    Outreach to wholesalers on clients’ behalf

340Basics doesn’t leave clients to fend for themselves once they’ve been approved for a pricing exception, either from a designation or data submission. When clients are waiting to be approved but pricing is not reflected on the price file, we reach out to and confirm with wholesalers that the block exception has taken place on their end. We make sure management of pricing is taken care of before sending you on your way – your problems are our problems.

2.    Price monitoring

We don’t want clients to pay retail prices if approved for 340B pricing exceptions. Once we receive approval of the exception either due to designation or data submission, we watch price files to validate that 340B pricing is available in our system. As soon as it is, we unblock the manufacturer in our system for that pharmacy. We monitor price files on your behalf, making sure the entity is protected before allowing the full unblocking and ordering of products. Our team wants to see accurate pricing on our end as a method of protection for our clients.

4.    Annual impact reports

To give clients a view of their program’s success over the last six months and any blocks that are in place, we provide an annual impact report to go over any shifts that have happened. Clients can also request impact reports on demand, helping them make decisions on whether they will designate or submit through ESP. But don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it all!

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