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340Basics clients have the ability to include the Advanced Referral Program to their 340B Program, efficiently capturing referral claims and increasing savings while staying compliant. It is an additional enhancement to our cutting-edge software. This referral solution marries our innovative technology with our exceptional service, creating a referral program like no other. 

With features and improvements that enable entities to monitor and capture claims more efficiently, your organization will experience increased revenue, enhanced access to accurate referral claim data, and lessen staff hours managing the program, while remaining compliant and audit ready.
Innovative Technology
  • Ability to include and capture referral claims. 
  • Smart technology identifies eligible 340B referral claims. 
  • All business rules applied prior to eligibility determination.
  • Referral rules configured at Covered Entity and Pharmacy level. 
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Exceptional Service
  • We close the loop on the referral process.
  • Ensure higher capture and compliance.
  • Our experts contact providers to obtain closed note. 
  • Portal updated with documents and details related to referral.
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Contact us for more information on our 340B Advanced Referral Program. We have the solution you.

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