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What To Look For In A 340B TPA

When searching for a third-party administrator to partner with, the choices can seem endless and overwhelming. How do you know which qualities set them apart? We’ve created a breakdown of services and solutions that are most important when considering a TPA and future success of your organization.


For over two years, 340Basics conducted an intensive research group with leading hospitals who possessed years of experience working with split-billing products and the 340B Program.
The complexities of contract pharmacy implementation and compliance can be difficult to navigate. Portico, our contract pharmacy software making complex program management easy.
340Basics is proud to provide solutions and services that continually further this industry, administering resources to organizations that impact patients every single day.
340Basics clients have the option to include our Advanced Referral Program to their 340B Program, but why is this addition valuable?
Why settle for providers who offer insufficient services? Here’s why we are the preferred 340B industry partner.
In honor of Women’s History Month, 340Basics would like to shine a spotlight on the dedicated women that are a part of our organization.
From preparing petitions to identifying funding opportunities, women’s voices remain instrumental in the furthering of 340B programs.
Our industry-leading 340B UDS reporting tool alleviates stress and subtracts hours you would spend preparing the 340B section of the federally required report.
Syntivo is a powerful tool to assist in mastering your 340B program. Our integrated platform allows you to investigate with actionable data provided from multiple data points.
You don’t have to go far to see, hear, or worse, experience some form of Cyber/Technology Security Breach. 340Basics institutes strong measures to minimize threats and affects.
The 340B Program is a strong program, and now more than ever, is the time to test your TPA’s strength and service. Do you feel you are receiving adequate support?
The 340B Program would not be nearly as impactful without the perseverance and dedication of its supporters and the history of women in the 340B community making an impact on the program.
Contract Pharmacies and Covered Entities are facing yet another round of restrictions and changes regarding the submission of 340B-eligible claims.
2020 was an especially challenging year, with many issues directly affecting Covered Entities. From the COVID-19 pandemic to drug manufacturer challenges, what are your goals for 2021?
Our Industry Leading 340B UDS Reporting Tool has been able to significantly reduce the pain points for programs managed by 340Basics. Our solution simply makes it “easy”!
340Basics’ Advanced Referral Program, marries our innovative technology and our exceptional service, bringing you a product that will close the loop on referrals & increase savings.
Existing products only fulfill a few of the crucial elements needed, Invictis, the newest split-billing technology, provides them all!
Contract Pharmacies Guidance allows a CE to contract with an outside pharmacy to distribute the prescriptions on the CE’s behalf, we ensure you’re compliant.

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