The 340B drug pricing program is a great way for covered entities to provide affordable medications to individuals that have healthcare needs greater than their capacity to spend. 
Without the correct software and compliance engine, 340B programs can be susceptible to inaccuracy, wasted manpower, penalties, and risk of non-compliance from HRSA (Health Resources and Services Administration) and the Office of Pharmacy Affairs (OPA).

340Basics Software: Designed by administrators to assure complete compliance

Our software is not only accurate; it’s incredibly quick, efficient, and dedicated solely to 340B processing. It is also user friendly and was developed with the oversight of an actual covered entity administrator. This focus led to the design of a streamlined software package with improved processing capabilities assuring full compliance, along with the creation of the required auditable records.

Our Pharmacy Advantage: Built under the watchful eye of a former pharmacy owner

Your pharmacy partner is critical to operating a successful 340B Program. 340Basics can provide on-site pharmacy services or work directly with a contracted pharmacy. Our software is a proprietary system that offers real-time management of patients and inventory. It automatically generates orders based upon dispensing data and provides auditing tools.

The Total 340B Solution

  • Audit and Compliance
Let us remove the worry and stress of your HRSA audits. Be confident with us on your side.

  • Transparency
You’ll always have knowledge and access to every transaction, report and claim.

  • Real-Time Data
With a member-sync refresh rate of 15 minutes, you have the most up to date information.

  • Replenishment
Automate your 340B replenishment, minimizing costly bulges in inventory levels.

  • Eligibility
Automatic verification of patients, providers and drug eligibility.

  • Custom
We customize the platform to work seamlessly with your current program.

  • Adding Value
340Basics will change the way your 340B program operates and is supported by superior customer service and complete program administration. Partnering with 340Basics will allow your business more time and increase your assets. This will enable you to invest in new technology, improve and/or upgrade equipment, and expand services to increase the access to care in your community.

Let us take care of your 340B pharmacy, reporting and compliance issues so you can concentrate on the healthcare needs of your patients. 340Basics provides complete administration services, financial management, and compliance and transparency. Contact us today to learn more about cutting-edge software solutions that will benefit and grow your 340B Program.

Educational Webinar May 22

Educational Webinar May 22

As most of us know, the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) is an agency of the U.S Department of Health and Human Services and is the organization that oversees the 340B Program. HRSA states that Internal Audits are required as part of overseeing your contract pharmacy. But we strongly feel that performing audits, whether self-auditing or hiring an outside consulting company to perform a mock HRSA audit, is good judgement and best practice.

Questions to ask yourself: 

  • Covered Entities are responsible for all actions of contract pharmacies related to the 340B Program, when performing self-audits, are you simply reviewing your TPA records or are you executing complete audits on all the fundamentals?

If you were notified today by HRSA that your entity would be subject to an audit based on the federally mandated guidelines in just 2 weeks, would you be confident of passing their compliance standards?

Have you taken the time to thoroughly review and/or update your Policy and Procedures, record keeping practices, OPA Database entry and possess meticulous data reporting?

With responding to these three simple questions you can assess your readiness for a 340B HRSA audit. Your answers could determine if there are findings during a HRSA audit that may result in repayment obligations and a corrective action plan. It is your responsibility to ensure the integrity of the program and maintain compliance.

Things to take into consideration when reviewing and conducting an internal audit?
We suggest conducting monthly audits on your contract and in-house pharmacies.
Ensure that your claims are for eligible patients, by eligible providers and at eligible locations.
Conduct sampling audits – at a minimum 5 claims per contract pharmacy/per month.
Ensure that you fully understand your States procedures for Medicaid Carve-In/Carve-Out to prevent Duplicate Discounts.
Institute a 340B Oversight or Compliance Committee with written procedures on responsible personnel.
All information on the OPA Database is accurate and up-to-date.
Save all your self-audit reports, findings, and communication of findings to your Oversight/Compliance Committee, HRSA will ask to see this.
In conjunction with conducting your internal self-audits, it is recommended to employ a reputable consultant or firm to hold an annual independent mock HRSA Audit.

What to expect during an HRSA Mock Audit

The objective of a mock audit is to assess the organizations preparedness for a HRSA audit. This is achieved by conducting an in-depth evaluation of all crucial 340B Program compliance and management elements, once the mock audit is complete, you should then be provided with strategies for remediation if necessary.