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340Basics' Educational Webinars aim to inform and engage on various 340B topics. Below you will find our recordings pertaining to current events impacting the 340B program, our various cutting-edge 340B software solutions and industry leading guest speakers discussing trending topics. 
Past Webinars
340B OPAIS Registration Overview
The goal of the webinar hosted on June 19th is to provide  information and answer questions to help your organization navigate through the OPAIS Registration process. 
Information discussed:
  • Site & Pharmacy Registrations
  • Step-by-Step walk through of registration process
  • Colleen Rutledge - Director of Client Services, 340Basics 
  • Ralph Moreno, MHSM - 340B Program Integrity Advisor, 340Basics 
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Affordability Expectations and BPHC SFSD Requirements for the 340B Program & COVID-19 Updates
This webinar reviews the 340B Program and the Sliding Fee Discount Rules, along with a brief overview of COVID-19 updates. This educational webinar focuses on material that is crucial to covered entities. 
Information discussed:
  • Compliance Manual Requirements
  • Sliding Fee Discount Rules
  • Brief Review of COVID-19 Updates
  • Tim Mallett, RPh, 340B ACE - VP of Pharmacy
340B from the Ground Up & Compliance during COVID-19
This webinar takes an in-depth look into the 340B program and maintaining compliance during COVID-19. This educational webinar will focus on topics that are crucial to covered entities at this time. 
Information discussed:
  • 340B Program Overview
  • Contract Pharmacy
  • Maintaining Compliance amidst COVID-19
  • Tim Mallett, RPh, 340B ACE - VP of Pharmacy
  • Isabell Pacheco, FACHE, 340B ACE - EVP of Operations
COVID-19 Impacts & Telehealth
This webinar focuses on the current impacts of COVID-19 and safety net health care organizations. This information is extremely relevant and aims to answer your questions as Covered Entities navigate these tumultuous times. 
Information discussed:
  • 340B CEs on front lines - reports from the field
  • Emergency Supplemental Packages
  • Utilizing Telehealth 
  • Drug Pricing Legislation
  • Peggy Tighe, Principal, Powers Law
Advanced Referral Program
During this webinar we are putting the spotlight on Zentro, our Advanced Referral Program. Our very own 340B Expert will explain the importance of including a referral program in your organization increasing claim capture and savings. 
This ground breaking program includes the following features...and more: 
  • Ability to include and capture referral claims
  • SMART technology identifies eligible 340B referral claims
  • All business rules applied prior to eligibility determination
  • Referral rules configured at Covered Entity and Pharmacy level
  • Lauren Reiss, EVP Product Development
2020 NACHC P&I - Virtual Hour
With the cancellation of the 2020 NACHC P&I, we wanted to continue to "host" our private event. Although we are practicing distancing we are still being social. Please be sure to view the previously recorded webinar and download the presentations.
This webinar provides an overview of:
  • 340B on Capitol Hill & in the States
  • COVID-19 Implications on Congress and Politics
  • Siding-Fee-Scale Requirements for FQHC
  • Peggy Tighe, Principal, Powers Law
  • Tim Mallett, RPh, 340Basics VP of Pharmacy Services
  • Virtual Happy Hour Presentation 
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