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2021 – 340B Year EndReview of all trending topics
CHC-Owned PharmacyHow to Own & Manage
Manage Orphan DrugsTechnology Solution
Update on Express ScriptsNew 340B Requirements

2021: 340B – What Developed, Actions Taken & What’s to Come

Powers Law Firm and 340Basics for an in-depth overview of what transpired during 2021 in the regard to the 340B Program.

How to Open your

CHC-Owned Pharmacy

View this webinar recording to learn more about opening a CHC-Owned Pharmacy, important things to consider and more! 

340Basics Technology Solution to

Manage Orphan Drugs

Learn how 340Basics 340B hospital solution removes the strain and increases visibility, allowing CE’s to track and identify Orphan Drugs with ease.

Update on Express Scripts New 340B Requirements

Powers Law Firm and 340Basics present an in-depth overview on the recent notice of 340B claim requirements from Express Scripts. 

Industry Leading UDS Reporting Tool – Only Provided by 340Basics

This is an in-depth explanation of what the UDS Report entails, 340B Program specific requirements, and how our industry leading reporting tool will help ease the struggle.

Increase Claim Capture and Savings with our Advanced Referral Program

During this webinar we dive into Zentro, our Advanced Referral Program explaining the importance of including a referral program in your organization.

Learn More About the Most Advanced Split-Billing Solution – Invictis

Watch this recorded webinar that reveals the development and crucial elements deployed in our 340B Split-Billing Solution. Learn how we have solved the gaps in split-billing software.

California DHCS Audit Request Update: Impact to 340B Covered Entities

This webinar dives into the DHCS Self Audit requests in the state of California. 340Basics teamed up with CPCA to present this educational webinar. 

Update on Most Recent Manufacturer Notices & Action Plan

This is an in-depth update on the recent notices and new challenges 340B entities & contract pharmacies are facing from recent drug manufacturer notices.

Contract Pharmacy Overview & Drug Manufacturer Updates

Hosted during NACHC CHI, this webinar provided and informative overview of contract pharmacies as well as a dive into the recent drug manufacturer updates.

Manufacturer Challenges to Contract Pharmacy Arrangements

This is an in-depth review on the challenges 340B entities & contract pharmacies are facing from recent drug manufacturer notices – Merck, Eli Lilly & Sanofi as well as Executive Orders.

340B OPAIS Registration


The goal of the webinar hosted on June 19th is to provide  information and answer questions to help your organization navigate through the OPAIS Registration process. 

Affordability Expectations and BPHC SFSD Requirements for the 340B Program

This webinar reviews the 340B Program and the Sliding Fee Discount Rules, along with a brief overview of COVID-19 updates. This educational webinar focuses on material that is crucial to covered entities. 

340B from the Ground Up & Compliance during COVID-19

This webinar takes an in-depth look into the 340B program and maintaining compliance during COVID-19. This webinar will focus on topics that are crucial to covered entities at this time. 

COVID-19 Impacts &


This webinar focuses on the current impacts of COVID-19 and safety net health care organizations. This information is extremely relevant and aims to answer your questions as Covered Entities navigate these tumultuous times. 



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