Patient Data Automation: The importance of  utilizing a program that works

The world of Information Technology (IT) touches our lives  in countless ways every day. IT has become a crucial component in the world of healthcare, from saving lives to patient experience and satisfaction. 
There is nothing more frustrating for a patient than  presenting his or her much needed prescription at a pharmacy, just to be turned away for being ineligible for their prescription. Patient data automation not only assures that the patient will be eligible and satisfied, but also ensures your center captures as many claims as possible. 

Data Automation Remedies
HL7 Interfaces
340Basics works directly with EHR vendors in a project  management capacity from start to finish. Depending on the EHR vendor, most interfaces should be in place 2 to 6 months from initial contact. We define all specifications with the vendor, continue to move the project forward, assist in the testing process between vendor and client, and conduct quality assurance before the interface is LIVE. HL7 messages are processed on a real-time basis and imported every 15 minutes. New patients, as well as updated patient eligibility, will be active with the claims processor within 30 minutes of the message transmission.

340Basics Proprietary Automated Service
We have developed our own windows service that will provide historical and ongoing patient demographic updates. This automation service has been created to work in conjunction with the three major EHR systems intended for clients that require certain administrative criteria. This option is installed on a client machine that has a connection to the EHR’s patient database, it then transmits through a secured web-service in a pre-determined time frame. There is minimal IT involvement needed from the client, allowing you to focus your resources on your Health Center and patients.

Automated File Imports
For those clients with the ability to submit files in our required format, 340Basics has an automated file import from an sftp folder directly into our database. Once the client has submitted the file, our system will import the file(s) which will then update patient eligibility. The more often a client submits files, the more up-to-date and accurate the patient capture will be.

Our Recommendation
Automating your patient data records will not only benefit your patients and their experience, it will positively impact the bottom line of your 340B program.

We understand that every client’s needs are different, it is why we offer various solutions. Reach out to 340Basics, speak with one of our experts, and learn about the best solution for you. 

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